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Strategy & Growth
Strategy & Growth
Doing the right things in the long term
Marketing & Branding
Marketing & Branding
Marketing is today a strategic process, brands are creating new values
Digital Challange
Digital Challange
Digital is creating new business models and growth opportunities
Corporate Finanace
Corporate Finanace
There will always be crises, corporate finance should be sound
Local development
Local development
Local development is essential in the post-industrial world

We are focused on companies and growth prospects in changing economic environment.

Strategy & Growth | T&MC Group

Strategy & Growth

A corporate strategy is a long-term approach to implementing a company's business plan in order to achieve corporate goals. It serves the long-term orientation of an organization to ensure economic success (Onpulson Lexicon).

Marketing & Branding | T&MC Group

Marketing & Branding

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large (American Marketing Association, 2017).

Digital Challenge | T&MC Group

Digital Challenge

According to Prof. Christensen, disruption occurs when a small firm without many resources, for example, a start-up is able to challenge large firmly established companies or is able to capture totally new markets using digital and other disruptive technologies.

Corporate Finance | T&MC Group

Corporate Finance

The number of corporate crises has increased significantly in recent years, especially in economic crisis. The companies affected must be restructured, and it has become conventional wisdom that they must do more than improve operations and realign their strategies.

Local Development | T&MC Group

Local Development

Local development is intrinsically associated with a multidimensional concept of change bringing together economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions; with innovation across and in the spaces between these dimensions.

Credentials | T&MC Group


Our strong expertise is helping companies in creative industries (content creation, architecture, publishing, fashion, digital games, software) to set-up the business, go-to-markets and to internationalize market position.

Who We Are

We are boutique Top Management Consulting and Mergers & Acquisitions specialist with operational focus on CEE and SEE regions. Our history is connected with the beginnings of Ernst & Young Consulting in the Region in 1990s.


The history of our company is connected with the beginnings of Ernst & Young Consulting in Eastern Europe in the early 1990s. Ernst & Young Consulting International of Vienna established in 1995 our firm as one of the first, western styled management consulting companies in Eastern and Southeaster Europe.


Through more than 25 years of working on various consulting projects, we accumulated knowledge and experience which make us a competitive advantage. Constant monitoring of current trends and new technologies allows us to fulfill the most important purpose of management consulting: providing full support to top managers and decision makers in solving problems and improving business.

Digital transformation strategy

Digital age is not coming tomorrow, it is happening today!

We are helping companies in digital transformation strategy development aligned with corporate strategy and other strategies, with business objectives, leveraging digital capabilities and market advantages to produce sustainable competitive advantage. We specialize in helping clients create successful new business models when facing existential threats from digital technologies that provide competitors with low entry barriers.

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