Financial services sector is strongly under pressure to change business models, increase risk management and implement new approaches. We are supporting middle sized and niche players in business transformation and refocusing on profitable market segments. Our expertise is encompassing  new growth models development, multichannel strategies, implementation of new technologies, product offerings, regulatory issues, HR management. T&MC Group is helping manufacturing companies  in business transformation in following sub-sectors:
  • Fast moving consumer products
  • Fashion & Footwear
  • Wood processing and furniture
  • Agricultural products
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Printing industry
Our strong expertise is helping companies in creative industries (content creation, architecture, publishing, fashion, digital games, software) to set-up the business, go-to-markets and to internationalize market position. T&MC Group’s teams have been involved in restructuring and transformation of major building materials, construction and civil engineering companies, which have lost substantial value during the financial crisis and real estate market crisis. Our consulting expertise is also very strong in consumer products, logistics and retail sector. T&MC Group has operational focus on South-eastern European markets in which leisure and tourism sector are playing important role in national added value creation. Major players in this sector are our clients. Within public sector T&MC Group is helping cities and local governments in strategic development and cultural and creative