Strategy & Growth Solutions

Global economic turbulences and uncertainties are shaking the economy more than ever before. In this environment strategic choices and adequate strategy development are getting on the importance. Our teams have extended expertise helping top management in SMEs and midcap companies in strategic issues. Our strategy development and pragmatic implementation approach is focusing on following areas:
  • Corporate strategy and strategic planning
  • Marketing strategy and internationalization
  • Digital transformation & eBusiness
  • Design as strategy
  • Financial strategy & private equity
  • Mergers & Acqusition / Post Merger Integration

Advancing operation models

The best visions and developmental business strategies remain only piece of paper if they are not followed-up by changes and adjustments in the operational model. The contemporary globalized market environment recognizes only those companies that have adjusted their operational model to best practices. Today we differentiate only two kinds of companies: those, which have developed a state-of-the-art  operational models, and those who haven`t done so. Having combines expertise in the contemporary business and operational models and contemporary business technologies, which support these models, T&MC  Group is able to offer end-to-end support to companies in order to advance efficiency. The main services that we are offering in this area of our expertise are:
  • Development and Operational Model advancing in all its components
  • Advanced Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Rapid Improvement Portfolio Development
  • Organization transformation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business transformation and restructuring

Marketing & CRM

Marketing paradigm has been radically changed in the past decade due to the globalization process and Internet technology implication. Today is marketing management and marketing activities planning are again one of top management strategic issues. After the brilliant growth of marketing in the 1970s, and its demise at the end of the past century, when it seemed that marketing was irrevocably sliding towards operative expenditures which found it difficult to validate what effect it had on business growth, marketing has again returned onto top-management`s agenda. Marketing is in contemporary business environment an exceptionally important strategic function, which has the challenging task of creating an upward revenue trend and sustainable growth opportunities. Within the framework of our consulting competency, we are helping companies in development of comprehensive Marketing strategy but also in implementation of marketing solutions and operational activities, as following:
  • Marketing strategy development / International marketing strategy
  • Strategic market segmentation
  • Marketing planning development and implementation
  • Export marketing planning
  • Marketing efficiency
  • Marketing mix: product innovation, pricing, channel management, integrated marketing communication
  • Branding strategy
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Strategic management of eMarketing
  CRM – Customer Relationship Management is a holistic approach to marketing operations which integrates front- and back-end business processes. Focusing on customers, companies are achieving long-term competitive advantage.

Financial Strategy

SME’s and midcaps have learned their lessons: during financial crisis, which started in 2008 and affected majority of businesses in this segment, they couldn’t rely on commercial banks. Since financial crisis is turning into new growth cycle in USA and EU, at least in some European countries, our clients are trying to find new approaches for financing their investments and business development. We are helping our clients in optimization of corporate finance and development of sustainable financial structures. Capital increase  and Private equity solutions are services in our financial strategy area of expertise.   Mergers & acquisitions is the answer to dynamic growth issues. Unfortunately many of M&A deals failed because of the lack of structured approach. Global financial crisis emphasized demand for much more sophisticated M&A process, which is to be very carefully planned, and which is considering number of “soft aspects”. T&MC Group is specialist in CEE and SEE regional  midcap M&A arena. We successfully closed more than 20 M&A transactions during last 15 years in financial services sector, manufacturing, logistic and retail.

Information systems & digital transformation

Even though investing in information and communication technology (ICT) is not as expensive and unattainable as previously, it still represents a great challenge for companies. Top management is increasing complaining that ICT investments have not returned expected results. Users are dissatisfied, business requirements have not been adequately defined or the technology implementers fail to present all the possible solutions. It seems as though there exists an increasing gap between growing business expectations and the needs, and the more complex technological solutions for business support. Altering the marketing paradigm and transforming business models into models focused on the client and implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a holistic and strategic marketing concept places increasing demands on creating and developing appropriate systems for information management. Combining new technologies with proven methodologies, best practice and local experience, our company achieves an unique competitor advantage in offering IT Consulting services. Our services include:
  • IT audit
  • IT improvement (IT Fitness)
  • IT/IS architecture development
  • Information system development planning (SISP)
  • Selection of business support solutions
  • Implementation of integrated packages solutions for business support (ERP, CRM, EEA)
  • Project Management
Strong dynamic and changes in technology arena is affecting information systems in post-industrial companies. Internet and digital technologies are transforming business models and integrating physical and virtual markets. Our teams are helping companies in understanding digital transformation and implementation of Internet and new surrounding technologies in their business models.

Tax & Accounting

T&MC Group is offering to SMEs and local branches of internationals a full range of professional services including:
  • Tax advisory services
  • Payroll services
  • Accounting outsourcing
  • Audit services